World University Rankings: Covenant Records Best Year on Year Increase among Peers

World University Rankings: Covenant Records Best Year on Year Increase among Peers


Following the incredible rise of Covenant in the latest rankings of world universities released by the Times Higher Education (THE), facts have emerged that Covenant indeed recorded the best year on year increase among her rival universities.

Covenant had on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, leapfrogged a multitude of universities to move from her former 601-800 ranking to the new 401-500, which indicated a very strong performance in the last one year.

The performance distribution chart, which showed how the performance of top universities as a group changed over the year, and how it affected each university’s relative position across the 13 metrics against the worldwide performance distribution, had Covenant recording a score of 12.9 overall in the 13 metrics.

The metrics included citation impact, publications per staff, students to academic staff, research reputation, Doctorate to Bachelor awarded, Doctorate awarded to academic staff, teaching reputation, percentage of international staff, institutional income to academic staff, percentage of international students, industry income to academic staff, international coauthorship, and research income to academic staff.

Covenant’s score of 12.9 emerged the best among other movers in the rankings such as California Institute of Technology, which moved from her former 5th position to 2nd, but with a score of 0.4 over the 13 metrics. Scores recorded by some of the other universities were University of California, Berkeley (0.6), University of Cambridge (-0.4), University of Chicago (0.0), Harvard (-0.7), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (-0.6), Imperial College London (-0.5), and the University of Cape Town, South Africa, whose ranking improved from 156 to 136, had a score of 1.7.

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