Research Success

Research Success

Steps to a successful research.

It is the expectation of a researcher to experience a successful research completion. However, several factors militate against this desire. This is an avenue to provide some guidelines for a desirable research experience.

Two points are in view today;

1. Identifying a research problem and

2. Defining a research problem

These are related concepts that often create a big challenge for researchers. it must be stated that a research problem is different from a social problem in that a research problem requires a logical approach to addressing the problem whereas a social problem can be solved without engaging a scientific approach. as such, a research problem is a challenge that can be addressed scientifically, that is using the research process.

Defining a research problem involves the various aspects of the challenge that been unattended to despite the scientific approaches that have been adopted in addressing the challenge. It is important that those approaches be mentioned and the challenges with those approaches be stated.


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