Work towards Fulfillment of Vision 10:2022, Vice-Chancellor Urges New Faculty, Staff

Work towards Fulfillment of Vision 10:2022, Vice-Chancellor Urges New Faculty, Staff

Work towards Fulfillment of Vision 10:2022, Vice-Chancellor Urges New Faculty, Staff

A cross section of new CU faculty and staff during thier induction

The Vice-Chancellor of Covenant University, Professor AAA. Atayero, has impressed it on the newly inducted faculty and staff of the institution, the imperative of working assiduously towards the realisation of the University’s vision of being among the top 10 universities in the world (Vision 10:2022) so that in five years’ time they can pride themselves of working in a world-class university.

The Vice-Chancellor handed down this message on Monday, February 6, 2017, at the Orientation Programme for New faculty and Senior Non-Teaching Staff of Covenant University, where he made a presentation titled, ‘Vision 10:2022: The ReCiTe Agenda’.

While welcoming the inductees to the University, Professor Atayero said that they have come at a very opportune time as the institution is at the threshold of making history, which, according to him, is easy to achieve when faculty and staff do what they are supposed to do at the right time.

Explaining the ReCiTe Agenda, which he referred to as the University’s goal for the 2016/2017 academic session, the Vice-Chancellor said that ReCiTe translates to “Research is our responsibility, Citation and Innovation leading to Income, while Teaching is our goal”.

Highlighting some of the approaches to achieving a world-class status, he said that the University was aiming at transiting from a predominantly teaching university to a predominantly research university and also, to have a robust endowment.

Prior to making his presentation on the ReCiTe Agenda, Professor Atayero had stressed the importance of the orientation programme, saying that everyone that comes into the University has to be properly inducted so that he or she can function properly in the environment.

Covenant University, he stated, was founded as a reaction to the decadence in education in the country. The University’s Mission, he said, is to create knowledge. The long term Vision is to be a leading world-class Christian Mission University committed to raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of Human endeavor, while its short term Vision is to be among the top 10 universities in the world by the year 2022, he added.

For the new faculty and staff to have a fruitful stay in Covenant University, said the Vice-Chancellor, they must imbibe all the Core Values of the institution, which are Spirituality, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice.

The next presentation featured the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shalom Chinedu, who spoke on the topic, ‘Work Ethics at Covenant University’. He said that the core of work done at the University is “Raising a New Generation of Leaders”, and quoting copiously from the scriptures to drive home the importance of work, the DVC averred that nothing ever works except someone works it.

He demanded from the new faculty and staff passion, commitment and dedication to work, as well as a new orientation of work ethics and productivity. “We must see our work as a calling, a devotion and service to community, and be ready to accept responsibility and take initiative,” he said.

The Registrar, Mrs. Mary Aboyade, in her presentation titled, ‘Administrative Processes and Procedures in Covenant University’, also dwelt on the University’s Mission and Vision including the Core Values, which she described as “the guiding principles that dictate our actions and signposts of what is tolerable and abominable”.

Defining Administration as “People running Processes based on Rules using Tools”, the Registrar pointed out that the University’s rules are an embodiment of its law, Senate resolutions, staff handbook, students’ handbook, administrative policies, values and traditions.

She outlined some of the University’s procedures as leave application, furniture acquisition, rent advance, resignation notice, including conference/workshop for knowledge enhancement. Faculty and staff, she said, can take advantage of these opportunities if they so desire. Administration, she added, allows for continuity and consistency in an organisation’s operations.

Many new faculty and staff were involved in the orientation programme, which also had in attendance the Director, Financial Services, Pastor Bayo Oladehinbo; Deans of Colleges; Heads of Departments; Directors and other key officers.