WiniGroup Visits CU

WiniGroup Visits CU

WiniGroup Visits CU

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles K. Ayo, making his remarks

Covenant University hosted WiniGroup on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, at the Vice Chancellor’s conference room in Canaan Land, Ota. The company which specializes in Information Technology Security, Risk Management and Business Solutions, visited to secure partnership and patronage from the institution.

While making his remarks, the Vice Chancellor appreciated the WiniGroup team for considering Covenant University. He explained that the Management was hoping to be able to arrive at a solution that would handle the work flow involved in running a large organization such as that of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, which is the parent body of the institution.

Professor Ayo further stated, “It’s not as if we are behind in technology right now, but we need a solution that can provide oversight for our group of institutions. We are also looking at something to adopt at the Board level, which can provide comprehensive and on-the-spot assessment of whatever is happening at all the operational levels of the organization.”

In his remarks at the event, the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo stated, “Long before now, we had started to consider ways to integrate our operations and we had considered a number of products, but we will carefully consider your presentation alongside others and see what works best for us.”

While introducing his team, the General Manager of WiniGroup, Mr. Sam Adeyemi stated, “We have solutions that help enterprise and today we would be discussing the type that would help in terms of big data. We would analyze how someone sitting on an enterprise that is very big could make quick and sound decisions, without damaging the organization or slowing it down in any form.”

During his presentation, the Technical Manager of WiniGroup, Mr. Lanre Marcually, stated, “What we are looking at is a platform whereby you can have solutions running at different platforms and at the same time, from one single point. You can actually analyze respective data coming from these platforms and make decisions with them; financial decisions, operational decisions, those that have to do with resource distributions of an organization, etc.”

Also present at the meeting were the Director for Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies, Dr. Chinonye Moses and a member of the Directorate of Media and Corporate Affairs.