Information on 2010 Remedial Programme

Information on 2010 Remedial Programme

Information on 2010 Remedial Programme

The Senate at its Session on April 29, 2010 resolved to provide a relevant platform in a context different from the one popularly known as “Summer School” for students to remedy their poor academic performance.

To this end, Management approved that a remedial programme be mounted at the end of the current Academic Session as indicated in the schedule below:

  • 18th – 25th August, 2010 - Revision
  • 25th August – 2nd September, 2010 - Examination
  • 6th September, 2010 – SBC for Remedial Exam Results
  • 7th September, 2010 – Senate for Remedial Exam Results

Management further approved that a candidate can register for a maximum of only three (3) or ten (10) units in the case of the Non-Graduating Class, provided he or she has a minimum of 75% class attendance record in the courses during the regular semester in which courses were offered. For the Graduating Class, qualified students for Remedial Programme have been informed in writing. Where in doubt, students can clear their status at Academic Affairs Unit or call any of the University’s telephone numbers.

Kunle Adewumi
Senior Assistant Registrar (Academic)
For Registrar 9th July, 2010

2009/2010 Remedial Programme Fees Structure

Tuition Examination Hostel Accommodation
N5, 000.00 per course unit registered for N4, 000.00 per course registered for N5, 000.00 for the duration of the programme


Laboratory Course: N1, 000.00 PER COURSE

Please note that the programme is open to students beyond 100 Level who are not having more than 10 Units outstanding. Such students shall only be entitled to register for a maximum of 10 course units.


No. of units No. of courses Tuition Examination Accommodation Total
1 1 5,000.00 4,000.00 5,000.00 14,000.00
5 3 25,000.00 12,000.00 5,000.00 42,000,00
10 4 50,000.00 16,000.00 5,000.00 71,000.00



i. To derive the tuition fee, multiply the number of units registered for by the sum of N5, 000.00
(Five Thousand Naira), only.

ii. To derive the examination fee, multiply the number of courses to be taken by the sum of
N4, 000.00 (Four Thousand Naira), only.

iii. Then, add the accommodation fee of the sum of N5, 000.00 (Five Thousand Naira), only to the
total of (i) & (ii) above.

iv. What you get in (iii) above, is the fee payable by you.