Dare to Be Different, Chancellor Urges Graduating Students

Dare to Be Different, Chancellor Urges Graduating Students

Dare to Be Different, Chancellor Urges Graduating Students

Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, giving the graduating students words of exhortation

The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has urged graduating students of the institution to develop and maintain the appetite to excel in their chosen careers and other endeavours.

He handed down this message on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, at the Special Convocation Assembly, which kicked off events in celebration of the 14th Convocation Ceremony of the University.

Dr. Oyedepo, who handed down a message titled, ‘Some Food for Thought’, at the event held inside the University Chapel, urged the graduating students to give thanks to God for the grace that saw them through their study at Covenant University, adding that, “Every life of thanksgiving never goes empty; the tank of every such individual is always full. Thanksgiving is the cure for pride”.

While making an allusion to a Gallop Poll that said 80% of children of successful people don’t succeed, the Chancellor urged the graduands to dare to be different or they fall into that large group of failures by refusing to take responsibility.

“Someone also has said only 5% of people make things happen, 25% watch things happen, and 70% don’t know anything is happening. Brace up. Someone coming from Covenant University and looking for a job for a long time and can’t innovate on legitimate way of making a living didn’t pass through here,” he stated.

According to him, everything to make every graduate of Covenant University become an asset in life and not a liability has been made available, adding that the time had come for them to engage with it. Wondering why men struggled day and night ostensibly because they had not aligned with the demands of living a glorious life, the Chancellor stated that everything about Covenant University was programmed to make a man out of every child, to rescue everyone that went through the institution from being a liability but an asset, and to make everyone a responsible citizen of the earth. “But how well we engage with the demands of this kind of lifestyle will determine how much of that experience we will have,” he added.

Dr. Oyedepo admonished the graduands to make God the foundation of their lives. He prayed for them to discover their purpose in life and be a pride of reference to others as he declared open ceremonies of the 2019 Convocation.

While speaking earlier in his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, gave glory to God for all the wonderful accomplishments made by the University in the 2018/2019 Academic Session. He said that Covenant starting the academic session towards the end of 2018 as one of the world-class universities could only be attributed to God.

“It is a privilege of grace, I and my management consider it, to have been given the mantle of leadership in this institution at this auspicious time. God has done marvelously well. We return all the glory to him,” he stated.

Professor Atayero, who chose the occasion to announce the attainment of yet another world ranking by Covenant, acknowledged the foundations laid during the era of his predecessors. God, he said, used his predecessors to do some marvelous things to prepare the University for the place she is today.

He stated that, prior to the coming of his predecessors, God had the Chancellor who was obedient to the faith and call. “Through the inspiration of the Almighty, the core values of the university were coined; the vision, the mission of the University were coined and these instruments have made Covenant University to stand out today as an exemplary institution on the African landscape. Sir, we appreciate you,” said the Vice-Chancellor.

Professor Atayero also expressed appreciation to the entire members of Management of Covenant University, the faculty, staff, and all the support units.

To the graduating students, the Vice-Chancellor prayed that God that had seen them through up to the moment of graduation would make sure they achieve everything they were supposed to achieve in life.

He said that, as a Peculiar Set, they were so peculiar that a lot of peculiar things happened in the 2018/2019 academic session. “Unlike the Eagles before you, a lot would be expected of you, God will give you the grace not to disappoint. We are grateful for all God has done for us,” the Vice-Chancellor added.

The Registrar, Dr. Lanre Amodu, in his welcome remarks, described the story of Covenant University as one of thanksgiving, of appreciation to God and the institution could confidently say that, “Not unto us O God but you only we give glory, honour and adoration, because all the things that happened this session, it is clear that it’s not the hand of man but the Hand of God”.

He urged members of the University community to maintain the attitude of gratitude throughout the convocation ceremonies in appreciation of God, because God had brought the University to this point, giving the institution all that had happened in the 2018/2019 session.

The outgoing Chairman, Students Council, Mr. Stanleysius Kosisochukwu Chileke, who described his sojourn at Covenant as a jolly ride, revealed that he had resumed as a student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, where he spent only four days, before calling it quits with the school and opted for Covenant University.

Coming to Covenant, he admitted, remained the best decision he’d ever made as a young man, because it had informed all other decisions he’d ever made. “There’s no doubt that my stay here and equally your (his fellow graduands) stay here as students has transformed us into who we are today,” he said.

While thanking the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, for being a life model and example for every student at Covenant, Mr. Chileke said that, “He has made it a point of duty and responsibility to restore the identity of the black man and he is making us and training us to be instruments to be used. We appreciate you for your undying zeal to restore the identity of the black man and training us into such instrument. God bless you sir”.

He also appreciated the Management of Covenant, adding that Covenant had become a second home to him.