Collaborations with Like-Minded Varsities Will Enhance Covenant’s Vision – Italian Scholar

Collaborations with Like-Minded Varsities Will Enhance Covenant’s Vision – Italian Scholar

Collaborations with Like-Minded Varsities Will Enhance Covenant’s Vision – Italian Scholar

Professor Raffaele Marchetti

An International Visiting Scholar to Covenant, Professor Raffaele Marchetti, has stated that the unique vision of the University could be enhanced by cooperation and collaborations with other like-minded universities.

“Covenant has made very remarkable improvement over the years in such a short time. I admire the vision of the University to be in the top 10 and this can be enhanced by collaborations with Universities like ours,” he said.

Professor Marchetti, who is the Deputy Rector of Internationalisation and Associate Professor at LUISS Guido Carli of Rome, Italy, where he teaches International Relations in the Political Science Department, expressed his delight at being invited to Covenant.

While in Covenant, the scholar taught two classes- one for undergraduate and one for graduate students-in the Department of Political Science and International Relations. “The interaction was very positive and my impression was that the students enjoyed the classes,” he stated.

He further explained that that the classes he gave covered the areas of Globalization, Global Economic Government, Foreign Policy Analysis and Transformation at International Level.

Professor Marchetti had also met with the Head and faculty in the Political Science and International Relations Department, during which there were discussions about avenues for cooperation between the two institutions in terms of student and faculty exchange, common research projects and integration of curricula. He described the meeting as a good gesture of Covenant’s inclination and willingness to develop cooperation with him.

Also, he was excited about his meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, with whom there were discussions on how to develop collaborations between LUISS Guido Carli and Covenant not only in the Political Science Department, but in larger areas.

According to him, he was overwhelmed by the opportunity given to him by the Vice-Chancellor to speak at the University Chapel Service, an experience he described as extraordinary. “The Vice-Chancellor invited me to give a speech at the Chapel Service; it was an extraordinary experience; the ceremony was so nice. I was welcomed by both the students and faculty and I’ve never addressed such a large audience, it was a very remarkable moment. I had a feeling that we were building both an intellectual and emotional bridge,” he said.

The appointment of International Visiting Scholars at Covenant is renewable each academic session. Each stay is an opportunity for scholars to engage in teaching, scholarly scientific life of the University community, and possible research collaborations with members of the faculty in the receiving Department.