Civil Engineering Students Instructed on Secrets of Sustainable Career in Construction

Civil Engineering Students Instructed on Secrets of Sustainable Career in Construction

Civil Engineering Students Instructed on Secrets of Sustainable Career in Construction

The Guest Speaker, Engr. Ogabi Adewale, in a group picture with members of the Civil Engineering Department

Engr. Ogabi Adewale, a seasoned Engineer, who has paid his dues in the construction industry, enlightened the students of the Department of Civil Engineering at a recent Town and Gown interactive seminar, that the event is an interplay between ‘Ideal’ and ‘Reality.’ He explained that the ‘ideal’ in the equation is the classroom theories while the ‘reality’ is the real life projects in the field.

The seminar was aimed at arousing the interest of the students in becoming specialists in the different fields of civil engineering as well as to inspire lecturers to pick up topics of interest for future research.

Speaking on the role of infrastructure in construction, Engineer Ogabi, who is also a staff of Advanced Engineering Consultants Limited, Lagos, defined infrastructure as a seamless interconnectivity among communities, in form of roads, rail, airport, electricity and water supply. He stated that infrastructure must be sustainable if it is to benefit coming generations and make a positive contribution to the future; providing such infrastructure is an investment that will pay off many times over.

Engr. Ogabi described building sustainable infrastructure as a means of creating seamless interconnectivity that can stand the test of time among our communities. These, he said, include physical or structural facilities aimed at enhancing modern and comfortable living as well as the total well being of our communities.

Another key element of construction, according to the seasoned Engineer, is ‘Conception,’ which he called the first step in the provision of an enduring infrastructure. “This process involves identifying the need, defining the scope, the quality and finance available, or source of it, as well as, analysing the implications or impact of the project on the environment and the stakeholders. Different options are considered and thoroughly appraised to arrive at an optimum choice of design,” he stated.

He also mentioned ‘Design’ as one of the basic elements of Construction. He said that Engineers are saddled with the responsibility of producing a responsible, workable, safe, durable design that must balance social, economic and environmental concerns. Others, he said, include contract execution, construction (building)/supervision and management/maintenance.

While making his remarks at the event, the Head of Department, Civil Engineering, Dr. David Olukanni, appreciated the efforts of the Guest Speaker in making the long trip to Ota and commended the roles of the members of the Department in making the event a success. He also thanked the University Management for the platform to impact the students through the initiative.

Also present at the event were some members of the College of Engineering and members of the Department of Civil Engineering.