Capacity Building: CEDS Trains the Trainers

Capacity Building: CEDS Trains the Trainers

Capacity Building: CEDS Trains the Trainers

The Director, Centre for Enterpreneurial Development Study (CEDS), Dr Chinonye Moses

“Every organization is distinguished by her unique manpower and their honourable qualities”, says the Registrar, Covenant University, Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo, while speaking on the University’s Core Values and objectives at a seminar organized by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Study (CEDS).

The seminar, which had “Capacity Building Programme on Entrepreneurial Education” as its theme, was held on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Dr Oludayo, who spoke as a Facilitator at the seminar, took time to expound the Core Values of Covenant University, what the University stands for and what guides the conduct of every staff and student. He presented them in the acronym SIMCARDS- Spirituality, Integrity, Possibility Mentality, Capacity building, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice.

He said the trainers have a role to play in making sure that they bring the best out of every student they teach.

According to him, “Values are highly held principles for conducting activities. They are cherished belief systems that inform steps taken in any organizational engagement”.

Another Facilitator, a former Director of the Centre, Dr Oluremi Abimbola, gave a lecture on the topic “Understanding the Concepts of Entrepreneurship/ Intrapreneurship.”

Dr Abimbola said entrepreneurial practice plays a major role in empowering the disadvantaged segment of the population. He added that, “it is a means of employment generation, job and old age security, stimulation of economic growth and replacement of crumbling state-owned enterprises”.

He stated further that the study of entrepreneurship in the higher education context is of utmost importance due to a very competitive labour market and fewer opening in industries.

“Entrepreneurship education programme should not place the students in the role of passive learner. The student should be involved in activities, researches, investigations, planning, and the hunt for opportunities and new ideas”, he said.

Also speaking at the event, Dr Omotayo Adegbuyi, in his presentation titled “Effective ways of Marketing your Business Online and Offline,” asserted that, “An organization’s success will depend largely on its ability to continuously generate intelligence about its customers’ needs and disseminate the information generated with a view to respond satisfactorily to such needs”.

He said marketing plays important roles for the benefit of the society it serves, such as: acceleration of economic growth, economic resuscitation and business turn-around, improvement of product quality and provision of job opportunities, among others.

Dr Adegbuyi, who is also a former Director of the Centre, spoke extensively on how to determine the target market for products and also on how marketing can be effectively carried out both offline and online. “It is only when consumers’ needs are properly identified and satisfied that marketing the process is completed”, he said.

In her introduction of the theme, the Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Study (CEDS), Dr Chinonye Moses said the programme was organized to get everyone familiarized with Covenant University Core Values as they relate to the entrepreneurship programme being run by the institution.

She said the purpose for the seminar came after thorough analysis and it was discovered that the connection between the Centre’s activities and the University’s objectives needs to be stronger. Therefore, there was need for clarification, harmonization, sanitization, education and most importantly to re-emphasize the Covenant University Core Values.

According to the Director, the Centre is committed to empowering Covenant University undergraduates and developing entrepreneurial skills, spirit and knowledge in them in line with its Vision and Mission.

She enjoined all participants to be actively involved in the seminar so that they could empower the students and the entire world.

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