Cambridge Scholar Lauds Covenant on Collaborative Research

Cambridge Scholar Lauds Covenant on Collaborative Research

Cambridge Scholar Lauds Covenant on Collaborative Research

Mr. Felix Agyemang, One of Covenant’s International Visiting Scholars

One of Covenant’s International Visiting Scholars, Mr. Felix Agyemang, has identified Covenant University’s pursuance of collaborative research as a means towards the fulfillment of her vision of becoming one of the top 10 Universities in the world in a few years’ time.

The scholar, who is of the Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, stated that cities were holding more people than ever before, which meant that the way cities were managed and the way cities performed was very important not just for the wellbeing of people in the city, but also for those outside.

Mr. Agyemang’s research is focused on Modeling and Simulating Dynamic Urban and Environmental Systems. He explained that his PhD research had been on integrating two dynamic urban modeling techniques, Agent-Based Modelling and Cellular Auto Meter, to simulate urban growth in predominantly informal settings and he had applied the model to Accra City region, the capital of Ghana, and the policy implications from the simulation of the city had been examined and discussed.

While speaking about his experience at Covenant, Agyemang stated that the great aesthetics, beautiful lush greenery and how it blends with the facilities, pretty much speaks well about Africa itself. “I am very much impressed about the infrastructural development that is going on in Covenant,” he said.

He pointed out that the visit was his first experience of Nigeria. “When I got down at the airport, the first thing that hit me is that Lagos shares a lot of characteristics with Accra. When I got to Covenant University, I was greatly impressed. Even though my expectations were high, because I had heard a lot of great things about Covenant being one of the top 10 Universities in Africa, I was not disappointed; my thought was okay, this is what people have been talking about,” he narrated.

Mr. Agyemang taught certain classes and interacted with Covenant students. On his impression about the students, he stated that Covenant students were very engaging, they measure robustly well with other students in the same field internationally, they were very informed and critically engaged and their analytical and critical thinking levels were quite high considering that they were just undergraduates.

He pointed out that the initiative of the University Management, which encouraged interactions between international scholars and researchers and with students and faculty at the various departments, was a good initiative and one that should continue and even go beyond the confines of Cambridge University to include other scholars and other researchers from leading universities in the world.

He urged the administration of the University to continue on the path it had already taken, establishing relationships and collaborations with elite Universities that had been there for a long time and had established a certain edge in the global market.

“The platform that Covenant is presenting, for minds across the globe to come together and hatch ideas is really a formidable platform, one that I would encourage the University to continue to pursue rigorously because the benefit to the University and the society at large is immense,” Mr. Agyemang enthused.

The appointment of International Visiting Scholars at Covenant is renewable each academic session. Each stay is an opportunity for scholars to engage in teaching, scholarly scientific life of the University community, and possible research collaborations with members of the faculty in the receiving Department.