Planning, Awareness Campaign to Mitigate Noise Pollution

Planning, Awareness Campaign to Mitigate Noise Pollution


Following a study on ‘Dataset on Noise Level Measurement in Ota Metropolis, Nigeria’, a consortium of researchers from different Departments in Covenant University has suggested that planning and promoting the citizens awareness about high noise risk could help to mitigate the effect of noise.

In the study published in Science Direct, the consortium, comprised of faculty members from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Physics, and anchored by Professor Sunday Oyedepo, averred that noise level measurement carried out at 41 different locations in Ota metropolis suggested that only 2 out of the locations considered were under normally acceptable situation, based on the World Health Organisation’s recommendations and standards.

The researchers claimed that noise map developed in the study provided enough information for technical controls and interim legislation against environmental noise pollution in the metropolis. They added that the noise data in the study were useful as reference and guideline for future regulations on noise limit to be implemented for urban areas in Nigeria and developing countries at large.

The article had 2 citation indexes and 12 readers as at October 4, 2010.

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