The Power of a Vision: Covenant’s Research Output Increases by 906.36%

The Power of a Vision: Covenant’s Research Output Increases by 906.36%

The Power of a Vision: Covenant’s Research Output Increases by 906.36%

A graphic illustration of the rise in Covenant's research output

Covenant’s short-term vision of becoming one of the top 10 universities in the word by the year 2022 has not ceased to receive validations through the steady rise of the University’s profile in virtually all the parameters crucial to the realisation of the vision.

Indeed, one of the most poignant validations has been in the area of research output, where Covenant, since the unveiling of Vision 10:2022 on the 21st of October 2012 by the Visionary Institution, has made tremendous progress.

Between the aforesaid date, which was the 10th Anniversary of Covenant, and 2018, the research output of the University, as evidenced by publication output in international peer-reviewed outlets in Scopus, has experienced a whopping 906.36% increase.

Specifically, the publication profile of the University, which cumulatively stood at a handsome 396 in 2012 when the vision was unveiled, had witnessed a steady increase in subsequent years and by 2018 had shot up to an amazing 3340!

The period between 2016, when the current administration led by Professor AAA. Atayero assumed office, and now had particularly witnessed a dramatic change in fortune for the University in terms of research output. From 447 publications in 2016 to 599 in 2017 and 1107 in 2018, not a few had attributed the quantum leap in the number of research output to two things: The power of the vision, which is the ability of the Visionary to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom and the ReCITe Agenda of the current administration.

ReCITe, which when translated means, “Research is our responsibility, Citation + Innovation brings Income and Teaching is our goal”, is a research-intensive approach for the attainment of the Vision 10:2022.

It has largely been the upsurge in Covenant’s engagement in research that has enhanced her rankings in the comity of world universities and earned her numerous accolades, awards and recognitions. Only recently, the world ranking body, Times Higher Education, had in its rankings for 2019, ranked Covenant as the 6th Best University in Africa. Covenant was, however, tied joint 6th along with 10 other universities on the continent, while the University remained in the 601-800 bracket in the global rankings.

It will be recalled that in September 2018, Covenant was ranked within the 601-800 bracket of the THE global rankings, thus becoming the first Nigerian and also, arguably the first African institution to record such a milestone in a rather short time of existence.

Following Covenant's debut in the THE World University Rankings in 2019, the University had gone ahead to feature in two Subject Rankings among world-class higher institutions. In November 2018, Covenant entered the Subject Rankings for the first time in the Business and Economics subject category ranking 501+ globally.

Furthermore, in the recently explored THE ranking data, Covenant was ranked in the 501-600 brackets in Engineering and Technology as well as Business and Economics. Remarkably, Covenant was the only Nigerian University ranked in this subject category.

Also in January 2019, Covenant emerged 151st at the 2019 Times Higher Education Emerging Economies Summit held in Doha, Qatar.