WARP 2011 OpenSpace

WARP 2011 OpenSpace

WARP 2011 OpenSpace

The need to really engage African communities has never been more urgent. Facing chronic crises of troubling proportions, African economies and communities
are crippled by alarmingly poor quality of life standards and other socio-political problems. 

Introducing OpenSpace

Closely following in the postmodern traditions of deconstructing spaces and challenging orthodoxies, the organizers of WARP2011 are pleased to announce a side-event for the workshop: 

OpenSpace is a forum designed to facilitate free discussions on issues pertinent to the Workshop discourse or emergent concerns generated from participant-
speaker/participant-participant interactions. Adopting a small-group/cluster format, participants at the Workshop will freely interact with each other – guided in a Socratic manner by facilitators, who also are the Workshop speakers. A problem focus (in form of a question) will be initially presented and lightly discussed by the facilitators in a friendly environment – after which participants will be allowed to contribute.

OpenSpace is designed with new assumptions about the ‘nature’ of ‘knowledge’ as being co-created and spurned in the vortices of inter-relationships. This is 
articulated in juxtaposition to positivist assumptions that suggest that knowledge is an objective referent which may be transferred from one to another.

WARP2011 OpenSpace: The Problem 

This year’s OpenSpace problem focus is ‘Reimagining the Identity and Work of the Nigerian Academic Researcher’. The start-up questions are:

  1. Is the Nigerian academia and research practice relevant to industry and socio-economic growth? If not, then what can we do about it? 
  2. Why do we do what we do as academics, researchers and teachers? Are we missing something?

The Objectives of OpenSpace

The following are the reasons for the OpenSpace side-event:

  • To create a decentred arena for the free critique of assumptions about issues and positions pertinent to the Workshop discourse
  • To integrate participant-learning processes into Workshop format 
  • To help perpetuate discourse after Workshop is concluded

OpenSpace: Let’s Get Ready!

Holding in Covenant University, OpenSpace will conclude the WARP2011 event – culminating in the creation of Action Clusters, who will be placed on a distant mentoring relationship with select speakers.