Towards the Fulfillment of Vision 2022: Discipline and Involvement Identified as Key Factors

Towards the Fulfillment of Vision 2022: Discipline and Involvement Identified as Key Factors

Towards the Fulfillment of Vision 2022: Discipline and Involvement Identified as Key Factors

A cross section of participants

Covenant University’s vision 2022 and its application have been a resounding message throughout the Executive Advance from August 3-7, 2015. Pastor Yemi Nathaniel exhorted Staff and Faculty to be disciplined as they run with the vision in the new academic session. Professor Charles Ayo encouraged faculty to be more involved in the establishment of University Twinning and Networking Scheme (UNITWIN)/ United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chairs in Covenant University.

The pioneer Registrar of Covenant University, Pastor Yemi Nathaniel called for discipline across the board in the university system, in the quest to attain the vision 10:2022. Pastor Nathaniel, who is also the Mandate Secretary of Living Faith Church Worldwide, said this during his presentation titled “Towards a Disciplined Pursuit of Covenant University Vision”, at the five day Executive Advance. He defined vision as the vivid and compelling image of an exciting future that can, should and must be attained by everyone or the capturing of a relevant image in our view. He added that those with vision are always running and have no time for distraction along their path.

He reminded everyone of Covenant University’s vision to be a leading world-class university, committed to raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of human endeavour.

He defined discipline in the words of the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, as fulfilling an objective as demanded or commanded, not as convenient. It is denying yourself the present pleasure in order to lay hold of the future gain”.

In emphasizing the importance of discipline when pursuing a vision, Pastor Nathaniel stressed that vision is a race and by all standards, winning races, battles and competitions require planning, diligence, and determination. But discipline is the denominator of these other three determinants of success.

“Covenant University is running with a prophetic Vision: Vision 10:2022, and in order to progress, we must not cast off restraint. If you imagine the huge demand of becoming a world class university, you would readily agree that we have a race to run”, he said.

According to the Mandate Secretary, “Winners don’t do different things, they only do things differently. Universities all over the world perform the triune functions of teaching, research and community service. However, the difference between an average university and leading university is that the latter seeks to provide innovative teaching, cutting-edge research and relevant community services and these are what Covenant University is all about”.

He also urged the participants to be more disciplined in their use of time in working towards attaining vision 10:2022. He stressed the need to take intentional steps to avoid the trap of poor time management which has the tendency to devour productive time. He also warned against programmes that could slow the momentum of the vision.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo on the other hand, urged faculty and staff to take advantage of next year’s applications for UNITWIN/UNESCO chair, as this would raise the profile of the university and position it on course with vision 2022.

In his speech titled, “Towards the Establishment of UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs in Covenant University” he stated that the function of the programme would be to achieve capacity building in higher education and research with other international institutions. The benefits will be to foster collaborative research and to develop a research community within the UNESCO framework. This will ultimately benefit the nation in the drive to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The Vice-Chancellor encouraged the faculty to earnestly begin the planning process between now and the end of the year, taking into consideration the UNESCO closing date for applications at the end of April 2016. He particularly noted that UNESCO encourages more women to apply for chair positions as this is considered an area of priority. He continued by pledging management’s support for existing research clusters and centres within the university, encouraging them to apply for the programme.

Both Pastor Nathaniel and the Vice-Chancellor’s presentations encouraged faculty and staff to run with vision 2022.

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