Personality and Attitude: The New Competitive Advantage in Recruitment Processes

Personality and Attitude: The New Competitive Advantage in Recruitment Processes


“Recruitment in the 21st Century goes beyond just certifications but your personality, attitude and knowledge of the organisation’s vision and mission,” Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic HR Ltd, Mr. Aniekan Nya-Etok, remarked in his presentation as guest speaker at the Department of Sociology’s Town & Gown on Friday, October 9, 2015.

In his presentation titled, “Organisational Recruitment and Training: Mosaic’s Experience, Challenges and Opportunities,” Mr. Nyai-Etok shared his industry experience in order to inform the students of the significance in translating what they have learned into real world experience that will serve as a competitive advantage in the labour market.


Mr. Nyai-Etok reminded the students, “To have advantage in the real world and during the recruitment process within an organisation, you need to be able to apply what you have learnt during your stay in school, into practise. Employers look for values and experience, therefore, you need to know what is globally accepted and apply it locally in any human endeavour in which you find yourselves.”


For prospective entrepreneurs, Mr. Nya-Etok who is an alumnus of Covenant University, advised the students to understand what organisational recruitment and training entails, as this plays an important factor in company development.


“Get the principles right when you start your business. Take the time to learn and understand each step of the recruitment process because it is a very delicate system within a company. It involves the intake of individuals, training of staff and the establishment of an organisational culture,” he said.


Concluding his presentation, Mr. Nya-Etok urged the students to finish with good grades and get the experience they need to soar, as this will give them an edge in the labour market.


In her remarks, the Head, Department of Sociology, Dr Tayo George, said that the department is proud to be associated with an alumnus of the University who is making a great impact on society. She added that the objective of the seminar was to develop the capacity of the students for employability and self-employment, adding that, “It is a platform where experts in the industry are invited on a regular basis to share real life experiences of their success and the lessons learned.”