Parents Hail Registration Process As Fresh Students Resume

Parents Hail Registration Process As Fresh Students Resume

Parents Hail Registration Process As Fresh Students Resume

Mr. Emeka Ugbor

As the 2015/2016 Academic Session begins, parents of the newly admitted students have shared their experiences on the online registration process. Covenant University have recently upgraded their online registration process in a bid to make registration more efficient and effortless for students and parents alike. Many parents came from near and distant places in support of their children and have taken the time to relay their feelings to the Media and Corporate Affairs of the University. They expressed satisfaction with the online registration and what they have seen of the university. They believe that Covenant University will bring out the best in their children. Among the parents, were those bringing their children for the first time.

Parents’ views:

“The registration process was no problem at all since it was done online. Though, I had a little difficulty downloading a few things, but besides that I am actually satisfied and impressed with the online registration process. It was detailed and we have practically nothing to do here now.

-Mr. Emeka Ugbor (first time parent)

“This is my second time of coming here for the registration of my child. The registration of 2013 was very hectic. I must confess, but this is by far better. Better in the sense that even when I first came in, I did a series of photocopying, thinking that my child would jump from one department to another; from one building to the other but to my greatest surprise they are doing it in one place, making it stress-free. So if the school can continue this way, I think it will serve to motivate the new parents to bring their children. Apart from the registration, the school stands as the best and I prefer it.”

-Honourable Barrister Uduak Victor-Bassey Effiong from Akwa-Ibom

“The registration arrangement was okay, thanks to the ICT Department. They were able to rectify the problem on the website, so we were able to get the registration process done effectively.”

-Mr. Benson Etiese

“My daughter just gained admission to study Business Administration. This is our first child so it’s our first experience in a higher educational institution. As for the registration process, I particularly found the online registration very helpful. The instant messages (SMS) coming to the phone with instructions were very informative. Online information was also very helpful because all the stress of knowing what hostel my child would be in was solved. The only challenge we had was that the student portal was misbehaving till yesterday afternoon, then the SMS came to say that it had been restored and parents could now go on.”

-Mrs. Uzo Nwokore

“For me, it was a question of not knowing exactly what to do at first. I arrived less than fifteen minutes ago and my son has gone to complete the registration process, so I would say there have not been any hitches.”

-Mr. Charles Etubor.

“I have three children that have passed through this institution. I remember previously we were doing the registration at the Chapel going from one table to the other. This year, it’s been very easy, the children did it themselves online and with their rooms allocated, they would just go to their rooms. It’s a very easy process and so I think we prefer this. We appreciate the progress of the school.”

-Mrs. Felicia Odume Eriri

“This is our third child here and I think I like this, it is well organised. My son, who is an alumnus said he saw his lecturers in purple shirts assisting new students and he was surprised. It’s so nice to see that they are servant leaders which is setting a good example. We are glad to be a part of Covenant University. All the rules that the children don’t like, we believe they are there to help instill discipline in them. It’s actually good for them. If they can survive Covenant, they can survive in the work place. We did the online registration, which has made things very easy. When I had to go and use the convenience, I peeped into some of the rooms and I could see brand new mattresses on all the beds. That’s quite impressive!”

-Mrs. Kehinde Omojola

“I have never experienced registration before, but from what I heard from a friend of mine who brought his child last year, this is a lot better because he said he left here very late in the night. So I came with the mindset that I would probably leave here in the night, but it’s like we are almost through (as of afternoon)”

-Mr. Patrick Isibor

“It is my first experience with Covenant University. I think generally, the whole process is better than what we have at public universities, especially being able to do most of the registration and information processes online. I know normally in public universities by now, we would not be done with registration. It takes a period of several days, students going back and forth trying to sort out the registration process. So, on that note, I give a big thumb up to Covenant University.”

-Mr. Emmanuel Bassey

“It is a very effective process; it’s good. As a Christian school one would expect this, especially the professional dress code.”

-Mr. Adebiyi Ademola

“The improvements make registration far better than in previous years”

-Mrs. S. M. Bello (Already has three of her children passed through CU before)

“I am part and parcel of Covenant University because my second born will resume on Wednesday into his fifth year. My first born finished from here and is almost through with the youth service.”

-Mrs. Abiola Adeyemi

“To me, it’s fantastic because you can stay in the convenience of your bedroom and be able to do the registration; you can apply, pay and print out. It was so easy. Today when we arrived it was marvelous to have somebody there to receive you. We were taken aback when some people came to help us with our loads. I am so impressed!”

-Elder Okedare Julius Oladele

“I am not a first time parent here; I have a daughter that passed through this system a few years ago. Comparing the past registration process to what is on ground now, it’s well planned.”

-Mrs Benibor Irene

“There has been an improvement in the registration process this time around. Before, everybody would queue in front of the hall, but the clearance now is stage by stage which makes it easier. The process this time around shows a lot of improvement”.

-Mr. Ademola Oyeniyi

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