Mathematics Tool for Evaluation and Improvement of Information, Says Expert

Mathematics Tool for Evaluation and Improvement of Information, Says Expert

Mathematics Tool for Evaluation and Improvement of Information, Says Expert

A Senior Data Analyst from Acclio Creative Solutions Ltd., Mr Dapo Kolade, making his presentation at the Department of Mathematics' Town and Gown Seminar

A senior Data Analyst from Acclio Creative Solution, Mr. Joshua Kolade, has described Mathematics as a tool for the evaluation and improvement of the quality of information in the face of uncertainty.

He made this assertion while speaking on the topic, ‘Follow the Data: Mathematics, the Best Decision-Making Tool,’ at a recent Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Mathematics, Covenant.

The Guest Speaker, who is also a Software Developer, further explained that data was used to present and clarify options; model available alternatives and their consequences; and to control the smaller decisions necessary to reach a larger goal.

“There are no useless degrees.To sell yourself to employers, focus on your skills. If you know your cosines from your differentials, the future looks rosy,”Mr. Kolade advised students of the Mathematics Department.

He posited that employers valued mathematics graduates because of their transferable skills, which included problem-solving, logical reasoning, analytical skills, numeracy and creativity.

According to him, Mathematical areas like statistics, optimisation, probability, queuing theory, control, game theory, modelling and operation research, were essential for making difficult choices in public policy, health, business, manufacturing, finance, law and many other human endeavours.

He asserted that the strength of Mathematics was in its application in diverse settings.“Statistics measures the quality of information and optimisation finds the best alternative. Probability quantifies and manages uncertainty. Control automates decision-making. Modelling and computation build the mathematical abstraction of reality upon which these and many other powerful mathematical tools operate. Mathematics is indeed the foundation of modern decision-making,” he said.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Head of Department, Mathematics, Dr. Sheila Bishop, appreciated the Guest Speaker for coming and thanked the members of faculty, staff and students of the Department for working together to make the event successful.

She encouraged the students to maximise the opportunity for interaction with the industry as graciously provided by the Management of the institution, while pointing out that not many students outside Covenant had that privilege.