Mathematics, Mother of All Subjects – Faluyi

Mathematics, Mother of All Subjects – Faluyi

Mathematics, Mother of All Subjects – Faluyi

Mr. Olugbenga Faluyi, the Guest Speaker with the Department of Mathematics

The success of any chosen career has been hinged on the ability to reduce life problems to a mathematical equation and thereafter, proffer solution to the problem. Mathematics is therefore considered as the oldest and mother of all subjects even employed by God at creation.

Mr. Olugbenga Faluyi, the Guest Speaker at the Town and Gown Seminar organised by the Department of Mathematics, Covenant University, on Thursday, October 6, 2016, gave the revelation while speaking on, “Relevance of Mathematics in the 21st Century and Beyond.”

The Guest Speaker, a former employee of First Bank of Nigeria, argued that Mathematics as a subject is the foundation of other subjects of study which has its tentacles in the beginning and the conclusion of these subjects. “Mathematicians are the best of mankind,” he boasted.

He explined further that, “The Philosopher cannot survive without Logic; Architects and Builders cannot survive without Geometry; Computer Engineering designs rely on Probability and Statistics; the Accountants relies on Statistics, Addition and Subtraction; Law Enforcement and Behavioural Sciences rely on Geometry; the Services industry depends on Queuing Theory.

“Engineering depends on Differential Equation and Fourier Analysis; Industries optimize production using Operation Research and Optimisation; Cell/Molecular Biology and Chemistry cannot explain molecular structures without Geometry; Lebesque Measures helps the Cook arrange the disjoint intervals available to him, considering the shapes and texture in preparing wonderful meals; Bankers are concerned about floating rates and statistics; the Securities and Exchange community as well as Oil and Gas trading community rely on time series and commodities prices.”

Mathematics, according to him, equips the student with the ability and capability to think his or her way out of problems, adding that it is something no one can do without in any passing day and thinkers employ it in proffering solutions to daily and long term problems.

He, however, stated that though most people perceived Mathematics as a difficult subject but noted that if properly, simply and beautifully introduced to the student, nothing would be difficult in Mathematics.

Mr. Faluyi also shared with the audience, the principles that helped him achieve success in the Banking sector within 10 years. “Work hard, work extra, work smart, be focused, never rest when the business is still on, venture out when others shy off, practice the law of attraction (you attract what you say), don’t be reckless and serve God as well as the community,” he advised.

Earlier in his remarks, the Head of Mathematics Department, Dr. Timothy Anake, noted that Mathematics has lots of possibilities. “Once you have a degree in Mathematics, it opens you up to lots of opportunities where the sky is the starting point,” he said.