Leveraging CLOUD Computing for Ease of Lives and Businesses

Leveraging CLOUD Computing for Ease of Lives and Businesses


With the introduction and existence of CLOUD Computing (Computer Location Independent Online Utility available on Demand), a metaphor for internet, participants at the just concluded GOOGLE I/O 2015 Covenant University Extended, were privileged to be exposed to aspects of software and intellectual development.

Welcoming the participants, The Director, Lifelong Learning, Dr. Nicholas Omoregbe, urged the participants to have an open mind to absorb what they will learn during the seminar and use the knowledge to better humanity as a whole.

Keynote speaker, a Professor of Computer Engineering, Covenant University, Professor Sanjay Misra in his presentation, “Cloud Computing, Google and Educational Institutions in Nigeria”, explained the concept of cloud computing, how it works and the opportunities it gives to educational institutions in the country.

According to Professor Misra, “Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data programs over the internet, instead of computer hardware”.

Professor Misra, also stated that cloud computing involves ready demand of data anytime, anywhere without worries, with available internet that runs on a large- scale workload.

Stressing the opportunities for educational institutions adopting cloud computing, helping in the storage of lecture materials, Professor Misra noted the key issues to consider when using the internet for educational purposes.

In his words, “Any institution considering using the cloud, there is a need to examine who is managing the data, what types of controls are applied to these individuals. Educational Institutions should agree in writing to provide the level of security required for and ensure that their cloud provider is able to meet the regulatory requirements”.

To enhance cyber security, Professor Misra said “Institutions should keep cloud private or have a tight service level agreement, make use of encrypted protocol wherever possible, shut down of unused services, keep patches updated and reduce permission and access rights of applications and users”.

Furthermore, the Keynote speaker encouraged participants to think and develop applications from simple to complex, that can ease lives and businesses because cloud computing gives avenue to create anything online free. He also advised participants not to be on any form of social media when making any transaction online to avoid fraud.

The programme, featured breakout sessions exposing participants to Android Programming, Google Products, E-Education and Social Medicine/Tele Medicine to leverage technology , ease business and life.