Financial Advisor Counsels Covenant Students on Money Management

Financial Advisor Counsels Covenant Students on Money Management

Financial Advisor Counsels Covenant Students on Money Management

The guest speaker in a group photograph with Covenant University Students

The founder of Bestman Limited, Mrs. Opunimi Akinkugbe, popularly known as MoneyMattersWithNimi‏, on Thursday, 6th of April, 2017, enlightened Covenant University students on how money works in the world for effective leadership.

Making her presentation titled, ‘Financial Literacy for Leadership Effectiveness’ at an event organized by the African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), the financial advisorsaid it was unfortunate that most young people who graduate from universities have little or no knowledge in money management and this has resulted into lack of effective leadership.

“When our youth are financially empowered, the opportunities are immense and it is important to realise that the choices individuals make in their 20s will have a huge impact on their future financial security,” she said.

To address the lack of financial literacy, Mrs. Akinkugbe charged students to invest in themselves by identifying their talent, nurturing and sharing it. She also enumerated some vital points that help in achieving good money management, which include tracking and automating finances, monetizing one’s talents and investing in self.

She further explained to the students why the greatest advantage of youth is time, buttressing this with the current Nigerian job market. “The greatest advantage of youth is time, but time is of no use if it is wasted. A degree just helps in navigating an individual after college but does not guarantee one a job. Nigeria does not owe you a job, create job yourself, start thinking of how to make money while still in school,” she stated.

For startups, Mrs. Akinkugbe, said: “Invest in what you understand, spend time with people who motivate you, do not go into business casually with friends, and give back to the community”. Ultimately, she summarized her presentation in these words: Plan, Save, Invest and Give.

Mrs. Akinkugbe who holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) praised Covenant University for promoting entrepreneurship. In her words, “I’m impressed that Covenant University encourages entrepreneurship right from campus and it is great to see such talents among the students and all being fully put to use”.

After what was unanimously considered an impactful lecture on financial literacy, the students, under the watchful eyes of the Director, ALDC, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, presented Mrs. Akinkugbe with some amazing gifts like hand drawn portraits, books and handmade cards to show case their creative ingenuity and burgeoning business acumen.