Covenant Steps Up Use of Solar Advocacy in Varsity Community

Covenant Steps Up Use of Solar Advocacy in Varsity Community

Covenant Steps Up Use of Solar Advocacy in Varsity Community

Covenant University Renewable Energy Research Cluster Members with Isalu Community Leaders

The Renewable Energy Research Cluster of Covenant University has intensified efforts at getting inhabitants of communities around the University to embrace the use of solar energy in their businesses and social activities.

In furtherance of this objective, some members of the renewable energy research cluster, led by its Head, Professor Samuel Wara, on Thursday, January 25, 2018, paid a visit to Isalu Village, in Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area, Ogun State, where the research cluster had 15 months ago placed a Mobile Solar Charging Kiosk.

Isalu community, being without electricity, had since been using the facility to charge their mobile telephones. The mobile solar charging kiosk has a solar panel, and its lower part contains the storage devices, battery, charge controller, and charging pots.

Shedding more light on the purpose of the visit, Professor Wara, said members of his research team are advocates for the use of solar energy. He said having used the mobile solar charging kiosk for 15 months, residents of Isalu are convinced that solar energy works.

He said the research cluster seek to expand the mobile solar energy charging facility and design new ones by incorporating GSM modules that are capable of giving feedbacks on usage. He added that the research cluster also had plans to teach people how to design and build the system, and maintain it as well.

“Everybody needs basic lighting. Already they spend money on buying fuel to power their generators and light their homes. With this initiative they spend less. We are bringing solar technology and getting them to use it for their houses, businesses, women and youth cooperatives, for their television viewing centres, and barbing salons. The convenience and comfort of doing business will also increase, and many more people will see it as a functional intervention to their livelihood,” he stated.

The Baale (Village Head) of Isalu, Chief Akapo Bolaji, expressed gratitude to Covenant University for the mobile solar energy kiosk initiative. He said the facility works round the clock and has proved to be very useful to the villagers, old and young, since it was deployed to the community.

Chief Akapo expressed his excitement at the proposal by the research cluster for residents to pay a token for service rendered by the mobile solar energy kiosk, as proceeds would be used to maintain and upgrade it as well as introduce other solar products to the village.