Covenant Management Tasks Students on Spirituality, Decision Making in Omega Semester

Covenant Management Tasks Students on Spirituality, Decision Making in Omega Semester

Covenant Management Tasks Students on Spirituality, Decision Making in Omega Semester

Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, making his remarks

A Welcome Assembly heralding the commencement of academic activity for the Omega Semester at Covenant University was held recently at the University Chapel, with the Management of the institution charging the students to rededicate themselves to their studies.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, reminiscing on the activities of the Alpha Semester, noted that the year 2017 started on a low key but ended up in a great fashion for many in the University.

Professor Atayero advised the students to be conscious of the ‘New Dawn’ plan God has reserved for each of them as they work towards the conclusion of the academic session. He counseled them to subscribe to spirituality as that is what can make them a surprise to themselves.

The Vice-Chancellor told the gathering that whatever accomplishments or successes attained in the Alpha Semester could be surpassed with ardent and improved commitment. According to him, “Just double the factor of whatever positive things you have been doing, and you will be amazed at the outcome at the end of this semester”.

Declaring the semester open, the Chaplain, Pastor Promise Omidiora, said the new semester is in line with the waves of new things the year holds for every committed and dedicated student.

Speaking on the theme, ‘The Power of Decision’, Pastor Omidiora told the students that a glorious vision does not automatically translate to a glorious life; likewise having a great vision of destiny does not translate to a great destiny without making hard and quality decisions in life.

He posited that decision making is critical to leading an enviable life. Citing the life of Daniel (Daniel 1 vs. 8), the Chaplain stated that the man Daniel made a resolution to maintain a lifestyle of godliness, instead of signing up for defilement.

“Life cannot be better outside of the kind of decisions one subscribes to daily,” he enthused. He noted that people get sanctioned for the decision they make in life.

Pastor Omidiora advised the students to let their confessions, in the new year and semester, align with their heart-rooted faith, as that is key to realising every set goal for the year. Furthermore, he tasked students on spiritual investment, seeking God’s face, and taking stock of the eventual outcome at the end of the semester and the year 2018. Because, according to him, “Spirituality pays.”

He advised the gathering on the importance of starting it well, as what is done with the first day, week and month of the year matters in determining what the rest of the year will look like.