Covenant Builds Faculty, Staff Capacity towards Achieving Excellence

Covenant Builds Faculty, Staff Capacity towards Achieving Excellence

Covenant Builds Faculty, Staff Capacity towards Achieving Excellence

Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, making his presentation on the topic ‘Academic Leadership and Tradition’

The Covenant University Management has initiated a management/staff training and development platforms geared at improving the viability and versatility of its workforce. This is in conformity with the University’s vision of being one of the top 10 universities in the world in a few years’ time.

While flagging off the trainings, the Vice-Chancellor, Covenant, Professor AAA. Atayero, said that the University Management was confident of the effect of the trainings and the expected outcomes in helping faculty and staff of the University prepare for the next academic semester and subsequently, for the University’s quest of attaining a world class status.

Professor Atayero, who spoke on the topic ‘Academic Leadership and Tradition’, noted that one of the characteristics a leader must have is integrity. He explained that where integrity was concerned, the conduit was as important as the content. “Everything begins and ends with leadership, and a good leader will take a little more of the blame than the credit,” he noted.

He advised members of the University Management to be unambiguous in their directives and also learn to delegate in order not to burn out. He added that they should learn to make others feel important and that there was nothing wrong with being vulnerable as a leader.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Akan Williams, while making a presentation titled, ‘NUC Regulations, Academic Gap Analysis And Senate Policies,’ stated that academic leaders were expected to be knowledgeable about academic matters, hence his presentation and indeed, the entire training effort, was intended to equip the academic drivers in the University to be more effective in their leadership roles.

Also, the Registrar, Dr. Oluwasegun Omidiora, in his presentation titled ‘Confidentiality and Communication Protocol’, pointed out the need for confidentiality in the operations of the University at all levels. He defined confidentiality at the workplace as not disclosing the internal information of an organisation to outsiders or co-workers without securing appropriate approval.

According to him, steps towards protecting confidential information included making sure that decisions reached at meetings were not disclosed to anyone until it had been approved; and all electronic confidential information should be protected by firewalls, encryption and password amongst others.

Other presenters at the faculty training included the Director, Academic Planning Unit, Dr. Timothy Anake, who spoke on the topic, ‘Accreditation Process’; the Head of Department, Languages and General Studies, Professor Charles Ogbulogo, who spoke on ‘Report Writing’; and Mrs. Oluwaseun Amuleya, who spoke on ‘Students’ Academic Progression’.

The presenters at the members of staff training forum were Professor Ogbulogo, Dr. Lily Chimuanya, and Dr. Esther Ajiboye.