Chemists Charged to Maintain Professional Integrity in Brand Building

Chemists Charged to Maintain Professional Integrity in Brand Building

Chemists Charged to Maintain Professional Integrity in Brand Building

Quality Assurance Manager, Exxon Mobil Nigeria Plc, Mr. Sammy Adekoya, making his presentation at the Department of Chemistry's Town and Gown seminar

The role of Chemists in building brand identity in a manufacturing company came to the fore on Friday, February 24, 2017, at the Town and Gown Seminar organised by the Department of Chemistry, Covenant University, Ota, with emphasis on the demonstration of high sense of professional integrity.

Chemists are also expected to positively influence management decision whenever cost is being placed ahead of quality integrity, as well as maintain relevant regulatory requirements within their business environments.

A Product Quality Assurance Manager with Exxon Mobil Nigeria Plc, Mr. Sammy Adekoya, gave the exposé at the seminar, noting that when a batch failed basic release control test, Chemists are expected to consider effects on consumers and brand integrity instead of bowing to internal pressures to release the batch for sale.

Adekoya, who was also the Guest Speaker at the event also emphasised that, “The Sale and Marketing Team have no business out there, if the quality of products or services are not consistent with designed specifications. Their job becomes easier if the Chemists have diligently fulfilled their professional obligations.”

According to him, Chemists are not expected to take risks; rather, their work should be measurable based on precision, leveraging products’ specification and regulatory authorities’ requirements to take business related decisions. He added that one mistake could create a lasting impression on the minds of customers, which might be very difficult to erase.

The guest speaker noted that there are quite a number of departments in manufacturing companies where Chemists are expected to serve and support the organisations in building long-lasting and sustainable brand identity. This includes research and development, quality assurance laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medical laboratories, farms and internal controls, among others.

Adekoya therefore, advised the participants to join professional bodies for more exposures, as well as assist their organisations develop a reliable record management system which could save them from performance failure and/or potential adulteration issues.

In his remarks, the Head, Department of Chemistry, Dr. Akan Williams, hinted that the University would soon obtain ISO 17025 Certification which focuses on testing and measurement in the laboratories, apart from ISO 9001 which talks about quality management in the system. He added that the department would also introduce Petroleum Chemistry as a programme.

He therefore enjoined the participants, particularly the students to interact more with their lecturers for guidance on various professional bodies they could join for more exposures.