Bishop Abioye Exhorts Graduands on Preparing for the Future

Bishop Abioye Exhorts Graduands on Preparing for the Future

Bishop Abioye Exhorts Graduands on Preparing for the Future

The 1st Vice-President, Living Faith Church, Worldwide, Bishop David Abioye, giving his charge and blessing the assembly

The 1st Vice President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Abioye, has exhorted the 2017 graduating class of Covenant University on the need for them to prepare for the kind of future they desire.

He gave this exhortation on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, at a Special Convocation Service organized for the graduands as part of the 12th Convocation Ceremony of the University.

Delivering his message titled, ‘Responding to the Transitions of Life’, Bishop Abioye affirmed that nothing lasts beyond the level of preparation even with God, explaining that, “Preparation is the womb where greatness is prepared and anyone can predict their future by their level of preparation today. If you want to see a good future, prepare for it. The choice between being a ruler or a servant is made by levels of preparation”.

He stated that the spirit of the Lord gave him this message for the graduating students, adding that in the minds of many, the students were just graduating, but in the real sense, they were actually responding to the transitions of life.

Bishop Abioye, who emphasized preparation as a prerequisite to success in any given task, defined preparation as getting ready for a task, a work, a journey or any other adventure in life or getting ready for the future. “People fail, not because they don't have a talent, but because they failed to prepare adequately. A failure likes nothing but enjoyment,” he opined.

The minister further stated that preparation entails catching a vision, which in this sense, means capturing a picture of your future and building positive imagination and attitude. The number one gift of God, he said, is the gift of vision and the only thing that can be restrained from you is what you have not imagined.

“You cannot see great vision and remain small. Vision is what destroys smallness and empowers you to endure in the affairs of life; vision is the fountain of joy; it's not what you have that makes you smile, it's what you see that makes you smile. What you see determines your attitude to life,” he stated.

He also advised the graduands to imbibe the habit of planning as part of preparation for a great future, saying, “Upon catching a picture of your future, you have to plan for it. It's never too late to plan; if you don’t plan early in life, you'll suffer later in life. Never imagine that you are too young to plan, your plan determines your stand. It is what you plan in the night that will determine your day”.

Bishop Abioye said that the benefits of preparation include the fact that opportunities are in search of a prepared man, such that when opportunity meets with preparation, success is inevitable. Opportunities, he pointed out, will automatically come to one who is prepared.

He warned the graduands of the danger of living a pretentious life, stating that the only set of people Jesus condemned were hypocrites, folks who pretend to be who they are not.

Also at the service were the Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shalom Chinedu; the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo and other members of the University Management team.